Signature Woodworking
327 Main Street
Savanna, Illinois 61074
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The Signature Woodworking Studio is located on Main Street in Savanna, Illinois in Northwestern Illinois. We create custom wood projects as well as have a stock of retail products that can be purchased on-line.

We have created special custom projects throughout Northwestern Illinois to Chicago. Contact us with your special needs.

Use the menus at the top of this page or our Site Map to browse our projects as well as our catalog of stock on hand items that we sell over the Internet.

Signature Woodworking builds custom furniture designed and handcrafted to enhance your everyday life. The furnishings in your home are a reflection of your personality. Let us create the perfect handmade piece for your home or business.
Signature Woodworking 321 Main Street Savanna, Illinois 61074

Browse our website to see beautiful, one-of-kind pieces such as beds, tables, desks and chests, as well as children's furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture and many others. Use the menus above or our Site Map.
Why buy custom made furniture? You have looked through every furniture store, searched the internet and still can't find that hall table that fits the space or the bed that your spouse also likes. Your search is over; it can be custom made by Signature Woodworking.
Custom Designed Bookcase by Signature Woodworking